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The Games Listed below are 100% virus free and has been tested on Windows XP and runs fine. All the games listed below are full version and are totally FREE to download from here. Some Games are big in size so i have divided them into parts. To play those types of games, you first need to download all these parts and then extract those parts in one folder with some good extractor like Winrar. You can download Winrar from here. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

The story begins with the X-Men and their arch-enemies, the Brotherhood, teaming up to foil the plans of Apocalypse, Marvel's number one baddie. Apocalypse has devised a plan to use the mutant powers of four X-Men to make himself even more sinister. Your team of X-Men and Brotherhood characters chase him and his minions around the world, finally serving him a hot slice of humble pie.
The differences between this game and others of its kind is its party format. You control four heroes at any one time, although you only actually 'control' one of them. As you move through maze-like dungeons, oodles of bad guys hurl themselves in your direction, ready to be mowed like a mutant lawn. Each character has default melee attacks that can be strung into short combos as well as a long list of "mutant powers"? (read: spells) that they can unlock and unleash as they gain experience points. With over twenty powers per character and a fat eighteen total characters to choose from, that's a lot of super-power possibility.

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    I have split the game into three parts and again you'll need to download all the three parts to play the game.
After downloading all the three parts, put them into folder and then extract from them using WinRAR and then simply run the file named setup.bat to install the game.
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Screenshots of X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
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Gameplay of X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse