Second Sight

: Free Radical Design
Publisher: Codemasters
Action Game
Release Date:
18 February 2005
Game Size:
407 MB
System Requirements:
Intel Pentium IV or Athlon @ 1GHz, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 512Mb of RAM, VGA: (GeForce 3 or Radeon 8xxx), 1Gb Hard Drive Space, DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card

The game begins with John Vattic, the protagonist, waking up in a medical research facility. He has no memory of his past except for a mission that he went on six months before. His role in the mission was to be strictly advisory, but he finds himself going to Siberia with a group of U.S. Marines called WinterICE, and a psychic named Jayne Wilde, in search of a Russian scientist named Victor Grienko, whose secret research is beginning to draw attention from The Pentagon. Vattic learns from a computer he finds in the medical facility that Wilde was killed on the mission. He then has a flashback, in which he prevents Wilde’s death. Back in the present portion of the game, the computer now says that Wilde survived the mission as well. Vattic finds her in an asylum in Vermont and rescues her. They escape into the sewers and she tells him that the WinterICE team’s commanding officer Colonel Joshua Starke was killed during the mission. Vattic then has a flashback in which he rescues Starke. During this flashback, one of Grienko’s child test subjects awakens Vattic’s psychic powers. Back in the present, Wilde informs Vattic that Starke is alive and that he gave her an address in which to contact him if she ever needed help. Vattic and Wilde then travel to the location to find him.

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Gameplay Video



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